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Dr Mimo Caenepeel is an independent writing consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Drawing on many years of experience as a researcher, writer and editor, she works with academic leaders, postgraduate students and early-career staff to develop writing programmes tailored to their needs.

Mimo studied Language, Literature and Critical Theory at the Universities of Antwerp and Louvain before completing a PhD in Applied Linguistics at The University of Edinburgh. During the course of her postdoctoral research, she became increasingly interested in research communication and the writing process as it occurs — internally and externally, on and off the page. Over the years, she has consolidated this knowledge  with extensive editorial work and an additional Masters in Psychotherapy. 

Today, her mission is to empower students as authors and communicators. Through a warm, clarifying approach grounded in research, she supports them in articulating ideas and outcomes that make an impact. She is particularly interested in how strong academic publications arise from a creative, interactive process of research, writing, self-reflection and engagement with others.