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I work with researchers on honing the skills that are vital to communicating research outcomes clearly, concisely and effectively. I offer a number of formats, ranging from group work (lectures, workshops and writing retreats) to individual support (coaching and editorial feedback). Please find more details on these formats below.

Writing is a high priority for  researchers, who need to be creative producers of succinct prose as well as cool-headed editors. Increasingly, academics are also expected to communicate with people outside their discipline, which often involves ‘translating’ complex research outcomes to non-specialists.

Through lectures, workshops and writing retreats, I help researchers grow into skilful writers and strong communicators. Working in continuous dialogue with them, I offer tools and techniques  that are immediately put into practice, encouraging both reflection and fresh approaches. Participants always focus on their own work and will leave a session with a revised piece of text or a strategy for future iterations.

I offer one-to-one writing support for academic writers across all disciplines. In an initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and a workable approach to writing that suits your schedule. Over the course of regular meetings, we will further clarify and work with your writing habits, patterns and struggles, to progressively develop the text(s) you want to produce.  My holistic approach will help you overcome fear of criticism and reduce the sense of overwhelm and frustration that often accompanies high-level academic writing. We will work with commitment and accountability to help you produce lucid writing that does justice to your practice.


I support universities in identifying the writing needs of a schools, departments or cohorts. and developing a programme tailored to the relevant requirements and values.

Current and past clients include University of Edinburgh, University of St Andrews, University of Glasgow, Heriot-Watt University, University of Bath, Queen’s University Belfast, Cardiff University, Dundee University, University of the Highlands & Islands.

I offer high-level editorial feedback on writing-in-progress, supporting you in ensuring that your text is coherent and well-structured, and contains a clear argument.  My focus will be on finding, and making salient,  the narrative thread that gives continuity to your text and highlights its contribution. We may also work with short excerpts to identify stylistic patterns or writing habits that inhibit clarity.

  1. The writing process: getting started
  2. Text: coherence, structure and argumentation
  3. How to be your own best editor
  4. Writing well: language and style
  5. Writing a literature review
  6. Is my writing ‘academic’ enough?
  7. Beating writer’s block
  8. Writing abstracts
  9. Writing for publication
  10. Writing your first-year report
  11. Critical reading, writing, thinking
  12. Developing a research question
  13. Academic writer — creative writer?
  14. Collaborative writing
  15. Blogging about your research
  16. Communicating research concisely
  17. Exam writing
  18. Writing for international students

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